Creating a Hospital Plan during an Open Adoption

About 69% of adoptions contain some form of communication between the adopted couple and the birth parents. With so many open adoptions taking place domestically, it is important to be prepared during the birth of the baby. This is when most couples will meet face to face so everyone is present for the birth of the baby. Having an adoption plan can be a great way to ease tensions and help avoid any miscommunication. Most birth parents have no idea how to go about creating this hospital plan, especially those who have never given their baby up for adoption before. Here are some things you should know when creating your own hospital plan.

Discuss Options with Your Social Worker

If you have a desire to create a hospital plan, you will want to talk to your social worker about the details. They can help guide you through the process and let you know what to expect during the open adoption. They can also help tell you if your expectations are realistic or not. They may have suggestions on what to consider when making your adoption plan including accommodations for the adopting couple. Having someone with experience to help you can be very insightful. 

Time Spent in the Labor Room

During the birth of your baby, this is an integral part of your adopting experience. You want that time with the baby before you give the baby to their new parents. Some birth mothers choose to have the adopting parents in the room, while others prefer them not to be. This is all up to how you feel. Since it will be such an emotional time for everyone, it is best to formulate a plan that lists everything you want and don't want including visitation. You have to consider that other family members on both sides may want time with the baby as well. 

Notify the Hospital Staff

Once you have created a hospital plan, it is important to discuss it with the hospital personnel. This includes your doctors and nurses that will be helping with the birth and care of the baby. Because the hospital staff may not be familiar with many open adoptions, you want to make sure they are comfortable and are abiding by what you want during this time. If you wait to tell them during the birth, you may not get the best reaction from the staff. This is why you should prepare everyone ahead of time. For more information, talk to a professional like